All’s well that ends well.

This was what businessman Ian Lo said following the reconciliation between him and his mother, Corazon recently.

I was very happy to hear that because the last time I wrote about the Lo family, that was my very wish for them – to be reunited. And the first step in that direction is always, open communication.

I was able to talk to Ian after the reconciliation and he said he was “very happy with making up with Mommy, because while things did get ugly then, at the end of the day, my love and respect for my mother remains.”

He said that although he has not seen his mom for a long time, also because of the pandemic, “I never stopped reaching out to my mom and she would do the same, through calls and messages.”

What made it even better was that Ian and his older brother, Jonathan, also decided to bury the hatchet “and I am glad that finally, we are all past our differences and we can start the healing process.”

Of course we all know it doesn’t happen overnight. But the most important step has been hurdled and when acceptance sets in, everything else will be easy.

According to Mrs. Lo, whom I fondly call Tita Cora, never underestimate the power of prayers because “this is truly answered prayers.”

“I have been praying for so long nga ma mayuhayna kami and I am very happy that before I leave this world, we were able to do that,” Tita Cora said.

It made me teary-eyed because while I know that was her wish before this reconciliation happened, it was her sons’ wish as well.

You can really sense the happiness in her voice as she recounted how things went and how pleased she was that Ian and Jonathan have resolved their issues as well. “I hope we will always be reminded that family is the greatest gift and that we should trust and talk to each other instead of listening to others,” Tita Cora said.

She asked of Ian three things– to make sure he puts focus on running Negros Grace Pharmacy, to distance himself from politics, and to continue the charitable works their father has started.

The third is easy because it’s no secret that both Ian and Jonathan are actively helping communities in Bacolod and Negros Occidental, especially during the pandemic. I can attest to that myself as both brothers have responded to our request for help when we conducted our Rotary relief and medical mission in southern Negros right after Typhoon Odette.

The first request is also easy to do because Ian has really shown he is an astute businessman. As to politics, one can never fully disengage from that when you have a big business to run. Besides some of these politicians have really become his friends. But I am sure Ian can find that balance to keep his mom happy.

Ian was also quick to admit that there is much more to be done to bring the whole family back to fold, “but we will get there – one step at a time, one day at a time.”

What is more important now is for Mommy to have peace of mind and to enjoy being with her grandchildren that she has not seen for some time because of the pandemic, he added.

Ian said he has never forgotten the values taught them and in particular that, “love of family is life’s greatest blessings,” and “this is what our late father would have wished to happen.”

“We went through a crisis but I believe that has made us stronger now. I have been praying for peace in our family and I am glad that we are starting to achieve that because at the end of the day, that is priceless,” he added.

And indeed, the other priceless thing I heard yesterday was the laughter from Tita Cora as we were talking.

It is common among families to have disagreements. It happens a lot in our family and with 11 siblings, chaos can reign more often than one would like. But we have been taught too that communication is the key and to leave no stone unturned until reason is found and I’m really happy that the Lo family has found it.*

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