PCL Negros urges Albee to run for Bacolod mayor

The Philippine Councilors League of Negros Occidental has issued a manifesto urging former Rep. Alfredo Abelardo “Albee” Benitez to run for mayor of Bacolod City in 2022.

“Should you decide to take up this challenge, we pledge our unending support to you and the principles and values for which you stand, that will surely propel Bacolod to greater heights,” the manifesto said.

PLC Negros Occidental president Ryan Gamboa said they submitted the manifesto Benitez Friday, June 11.
Though it is an economically independent and highly urbanized city, Bacolod is still an integral part of Negros Occidental and should synergize its vision with that of the rest of Negros Occidental, the manifesto said.

Bacolod City connects the north to the south. It is the center of commerce and trade. It is also the hub for most, if not all national government agencies vital to each and every individual, it said.

“It cannot stand alone. It needs to have a complementary and harmonious relationship with the province” the manifesto said.

“More so, during this time of hardship caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become painfully apparent that Bacolod City is in need of strong, competent and trustworthy officials to lead the people of the city, as well as, of the Province of Negros Occidental to prosperity and progress,” the manifesto added.

As former congressman of the third district of Negros Occidental and current Provincial Consultant for Economic Development and Investments, PLC manifesto said they have seen how Benitez has led by example and how he inspires others to be better.

He has been an architect for the progress and development in the Third District and the province of Negros Occidental and has played a vital role in the fight against COVID 19 in the province, it added.

With Benitez leadership, they believe Bacolod will be able to reach its full potential, thus elevating the development of the towns and cities in the province, the manifesto said.

They are confident that under Benitez leadership more business and investment opportunities will be opened and employment rates will increase in Bacolod, and eventually the city and province will attain a high level of economic independence and diversity, it added.

“With you at the helm, we are more than assured that you will bring about the much needed and long sought after change to the City of Smiles,” the PCL members told Benitez.*

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