‘Patronize local produce’

The Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry -Western Visayas (PCCI-WV) is calling on WV residents to patronize local produce to help the region’s economy grow faster, local business leader Frank Carbon said today, November 15.

Carbon, Metro Bacolod Chamber of Commerce and Industry chief executive officer, said the PCCI-WV Chambers of Commerce are appealing to residents to patronize the region’s produce and local stores, and to produce more than the region’s requirements and sell the excess to other regions.

“Charity begins at home,” he said, as he stressed that “one of the many ways for our region to grow faster and generate more jobs is to keep our resources within the region and use it to generate more wealth and jobs.”

Carbon also said that the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) and MBCCI are helping the white shrimps producers produce three crops per year.

“The main market of white shrimps are hotels and restaurants in Metro Manila that offer a good price for the region’s produce,” he added.

Just like sugar, swine, and blue crabs, the white shrimp industry contributes to the enlargement of the region’s economy and job generation, Carbon pointed out.

“We’re encouraging the national government agencies to refocus their rehabilitation funds and efforts to industries that drive the region’s economy or are considered as the main drivers of the economy,” he said.

He added that they are also appealing to the National Economic and Development Authority and the national government agencies to look at the current and the next wave industries and not the future ones.

He also said that MBCCI is working with the government’s financial institutions in designing loan facilities for the current and next wave industries.*

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