P56M to boost COVID fight, threat remains, Lacson says

The announcement by the cities of Cebu and Davao that they will shut their borders anew in the wake of the rising cases of COVID-19 reminds us that the virus threat remains, Negros Occidental Governor Eugenio Jose Lacson Jr. said today, November 16.

“It reminds us that COVID-19 is present, and flattening the curve does not mean anything if we become complacent,” Lacson told DIGICAST NEGROS.

There is a need to continue to practice COVID-19 health protocols at all times, he said.

The Negros Occidental proposed 2021 budget includes P36 million for COVID-19 test kits and P20 million for the operation of quarantine facilities, Provincial Administrator Rayfrando Diaz said.

He said while the Department of Health (DOH) provides Negros Occidental with COVID-19 test kits, additional funds are being allocated by the provincial government to further enhance its drive against the spread of the virus.

The provincial government has not allocated funds for possible COVID-19 vaccines next year, he said.

It is not certain when such vaccines will be available, he pointed out.

Meanwhile, the public should continue to observe health protocols to stay safe, Diaz said.

The DOH 6 reported today, November 16, that Negros Occidental has 45 new COVID-19 cases and Bacolod City has 11.

Negros Occidental has had 5,224 Covid-19 cases with 95 deaths and 1,281 remaining active cases, the DOH reported.

The Provincial Health Office, however, reported that Negros Occidental only has 651 active cases.

Bacolod City has had 5,135 COVID-19 cases, with 152 deaths and 343 active cases remaining, the DOH report said.*

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