NOCECO power rates up

The Negros Occidental Electric Cooperative in southern Negros announced a 60-centavo increase in its electricity rates for November, from P12.0083 per kilowatt-hour to P12.6233.

NOCECO, in a statement Tuesday, Nov. 21, attributed the P0.6160/kWh increase to the P0.9425/kWh hike in the total generation charge compared to last month.

NOCECO said that the main factor in the increase in generation charge is the P1.4333/kWh increase in the energy cost from the Wholesale Electricity Spot Market (WESM) from its previous power cost of P7.2191/kWh to P8.6524/kWh.

Their other power supplier, the Palm Concepcion Power Corporation Corp. decreased its rate by P0.2540/ P0.2540/kWh, from P8.6612/kWh to P8.4072/kWh, NOCECO said.

NOCECO also noted that despite the increase in generational charge, in the transmission charge, and systems loss charge are down by P0.1334/kWh and P0.3240/kWh, respectively.

NOCECO’s Distribution, Supply, and Metering (DSM) charges have remained unchanged since February 2010, regardless of the monthly increase/decrease in the overall electricity rate.*

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