Negros drought damage P557M, cloud seeding expected this week 

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Cloud seeding in Negros Occidental is expected to start this week with   drought damage to crops, fisheries and animals in the province now at P557.3 million. 

Negros Occidental Gov. Eugenio Jose Lacson said the cloud seeding will be undertaken by the Department of Agriculture through the Bureau of Soil and Water Management (BSWM) whose representatives  are now saying that there are available seedable clouds to induce rain. 

“In March when we asked for cloud seeding we were informed by the BSWM that there were no seedable clouds and if we insisted it would result in slim to no rain,” Lacson said.

“Now they have come back to us in May saying there are seedable clouds”, he said. 

Even if the natural rains have started the  sugar planters are saying it is not enough and that cloud seeding is needed, Lacson said. 

“They want more rain, especially in areas that are not irrigated,” he said.   

The latest office of the Provincial Agriculturist report shows that damage to rice, corn, high value commercial crops and fisheries in Negros Occidental is now P340,725, 540, a copy released by Lacson Monday showed. 

Damage to rice  has reached P306,736,598.61, corn – P17,102,799.3, high value commercial crops – P13,330,121  and fisheries – P3,556,022. 

Earlier the  Provincial Veterinarian  placed damage to animals and pasture lands at  P16,470,150  and  the Sugar Regulatory Administration’s initial report on damage to sugarcane in Negros Occidental was  P200,178,856.* 

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