Negros Cultural Foundation, museum celebrate milestones

By Easter Anne Doza

The Negros Museum stands tall with BAO, icon of TNM, withstanding the tests of time including the pandemic.*

The Negros Cultural Foundation (NCF) Inc. and The Negros Museum (TNM) – the seat and mover of Negrense culture and arts, respectively, celebrate their anniversaries this March.

The NCF Inc. celebrates its Jade (35th) anniversary on March 28 while TNM celebrates its Silver (25th) anniversary on March 16.

Tanya Lopez, Executive Director of TNM, said the celebration looks back to the years and recalls how the organization remained steadfast amidst the hurdles brought by time and significantly, the pandemic.

“This serves as a commemoration of all the milestones achieved and the rebirth of the organization as it takes on new forms of creative connections and other collaborative endeavors,” Lopez added.

In recent years, the NCF Inc. and the TNM have embarked on partnerships with stakeholders to preserve and promote Negrense culture and values making it a hub of integrative artistic exchange, information-sharing and educational learning.

The opening celebration on March 16 dubbed as “Gibwang”, a local term which means the mingling of one into the other just like a river’s water emptying into the sea, will feature an art exhibit featuring 25 Negrense artists topbilled by Nunelucio Alvarado, Roy Aguilar, Antonio Tejado, among others.

In time of the silver anniversary of TNM, the Cinematheque Negros of the Film Development Council of the Philippines will have its opening also on March 16.

The 78-seater Cinematheque Negros is within the grounds of TNM which is seen as screening venue of films particularly those of regional filmmakers.*

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