NegOr solon positive for COVID, says don’t take virus lightly

Rep. Jocelyn Sy Limkaichong (Negros Oriental, 1st District) announced Monday, March 15, that she has tested positive for COVID-19, and warned the public not to take the threat of the virus lightly.

“I tested positive for COVID-19, I am asymptomatic and don’t feel anything, I have no symptoms at all,” she said.

However, Limkaichong told DIGICAST NEGROS she posted that she was hit by the virus on her Facebook page because “I want people to realize that this a very dangerous virus, despite all of the precautions we take its highly transmissible.”

“Despite strictly following health protocols and being extra careful in public spaces, I still acquired the virus,” she said in her post

“To be safe from COVID, no less than an abundance of caution is necessary. The current outbreak is a matter that we must take seriously if we want to put an end to this pandemic,” she said.

The congresswoman said she is in Manila and had an RT-PCR test on Saturday, March 13, because she was planning to go back to Dumaguete, and was told on Sunday that she tested positive.

“Before my flight, I usually have an RT-PCR test and that’s how I found out I was positive,” she said.

Her doctor told her that the COVID-19 that hit her is inactive and it is not contagious, but she just the same has gone into quarantine, Limkaichong said.

“I am lucky that my immune system is strong,” she said, pointing out that at the start of the pandemic she had pneumonia and flu vaccines, and has been taking all the necessary vitamins to boost her defenses against the virus.

Limkaichong said on March 8 when she delivered a message for the Women’s Day celebration at the Batasang Pambansa she tested negative and she does not know where she was infected.

In her Facebook post, Limkaichong said, “My family and all those with whom I had contact with know about my health condition and I strongly urged them to be tested as well.”

“I am now under quarantine in Manila. I am taking the necessary steps to recover from the virus,” she said.

“I ask for your prayers so that all those affected with the virus will be restored to health soon,” she added.

Limkaichong said she was not Dumaguete during the visit of President Rodrigo Duterte last week.*

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