Neg. Occ has highest share in P955B regional economy

The Philippine Statistics Authority reported that Negros Occidental posted the highest share in the P955 billion regional economy of Western Visayas in 2022.

Negros Occidental shared 25.8 percent of the P955.02 billion gross domestic product of Western Visayas last year, a PSA report released Monday, Dec. 4, said.

The GDP was calculated based on the region’s major industries which are agriculture, forestry, fishing, industrial, and services, which was pegged at P955,016,700,000.

Following Negros Occidental was Iloilo Province by 21.6 percent, Iloilo City – 15.2 percent, Bacolod City – 13.9 percent, Capiz – 7.8 percent, Antique – 7.4 percent, Aklan – 6.7 percent, and Guimaras – 1.7 percent.

Of the P167.30 billion value of agriculture, forestry and fishing (AFF) of Western Visayas in 2022, Negros Occidental had the biggest share of 32.3 percent at P54,105,263,000.

Negros Occidental had the largest total industry share of the region, accounting for 33.6 percent at P68,930,983,000 followed by Iloilo and Antique with 20.4 percent and 16.3 percent shares, respectively.

Iloilo City is the largest contributor in the services industry with 21.7 percent at P126,154,292,000 of the total P582,653,842.

PSA also noted that Aklan has the fastest economic growth in the region and the country in 2022 with 22.5 percent.

In the regional economic performance, Aklan was followed by Bacolod at 9.8. percent, Iloilo City by 9.6 percent, and Guimaras by 9 percent.*

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