NBI summons city employees to shed light on fake biz permits

NBI Bacolod chief Renoir Baldovino*

The National Bureau of Investigation has issued subpoenas to three regular Bacolod City government employees and a job order worker to appear at the NBI Bacolod office on Wednesday, January 31, NBI Bacolod chief Renoir Baldovino said Monday.

They were summoned to shed light on the issuance of fake city government business permits, which is believed to have been happening since the previous administration, he said.

Baldovino said he cannot say yet if the three regular employees were involved.

A fourth suspect, a job order worker, can no longer be located, he said.

The JO worker is believed to be the one who printed the fake business permits, Baldovino said.

Bacolod Mayor Alfredo Abelardo Benitez had sought the help of the NBI in the investigation.*

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