Moises Padilla residents to get rice for Covid-19 vaccine shots

Moises Padilla LGU photo

Moises Padilla residents who will be inoculated with Covid-19 vaccines Monday, June 21, will get three kilos of rice from the municipal government, Mayor Ella Garcia-Yulo said Sunday, June 20.

She said the three kilos of rice will be given to individuals and not families, “so if five members of the family will get their vaccine shots, they will receive a total of 15 kilos of rice,” she added.

She said that this is their way of encouraging the residents to get their Covid-19 vaccine shots so they can reach the target 70 percent of the population.

She admitted that it has been a challenge to conduct information dissemination to residents as eight of its 15 villages are mountain barangays.

She said that the residents could not be gathered for a meeting so they will be educated about the advantages of getting the Covid-19 vaccine shots.

She said what they have heard about the Covid-19 vaccines by word of mouth.

Another factor she’s looking at as to why residents are hesitant to get the Covid-19 vaccine shots was because she and her family contracted the virus after they were inoculated.

She said they will have to figure out ways and initiatives to encourage more residents to get their Covid-19 shots so “we will all be safe.”

Earlier, the provincial government announced that no additional vaccines will be given to localities that fail to fully utilize delivered vaccines.*

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