Militant groups continue fight vs. ‘tyrant’ as spirit of EDSA lives on

BAYAN Negros photo

Militant groups in Negros Occidental marked the 35th EDSA People Power anniversary today, February 25, with a protest in front of the Fountain of Justice at Araneta Street in Bacolod City.

The groups led by BAYAN Negros marched through the major thoroughfares of the city, as they reiterated the call to continue the fight against the “tyrant.”

They said, “35 years ago today, the Filipino people ousted a tyrant and until now EDSA remains a beacon of hope for all who resist tyranny.”

“It is ironic that many of the issues hurled against the Marcos dictatorship are the same issues now hurled against (President Rodrigo) Duterte. Extreme hunger and poverty caused by the neoliberal policies in our economy,” they said.

They stressed, “President Rodrigo Duterte is mistaken if he thinks his reign of terror can last forever. Let this be a resounding message to Duterte and his cohorts, your time is running out, the people will hold you accountable for all the blood debts, violated rights, and extreme poverty you had caused.”

They also called on the government to stop the killings and implementation of the Anti-Terrorism Act.

“The current Duterte regime is a disgrace to the legacy of the valiant women and men who fought the Marcos dictatorship and sacrificed their lives for democracy and justice,” they said.

The groups said that people will “always resist and triumph over authoritarian rule, no matter how long and no matter how difficult.”*

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