‘Make a love statement in color-coded attires’

Two city mayors in Negros Occidental are urging government employees to celebrate Valentine’s Day by expressing their feelings through color-coded attires.

Victorias Mayor Javier Miguel Benitez suspended the wearing of office uniforms for all city employees on Wednesday, February 14, to enable them to show-off their love statement by following a color-coded dress guide.

“Regardless of your relationship status, single, taken, or somewhere in between, let’s make this Valentine’s Day one to remember,” Benitez said in a Facebook post.

The Victorias City color-coded dress guide*

San Carlos Mayor Renato Gustilo also issued a memorandum on Tuesday to all city government employees suspending the wearing of uniforms on Wednesday.

“As we celebrate Valentine’s Day…the wearing of office uniforms is hereby suspended. Instead, all officials, department heads and employees are encouraged to wear the assigned colors according to their relationship status while maintaining a professional look in reporting to the office,” Gustilo said in the memorandum.

The San Carlos City color-coded dress guide.*

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