Leni tarps sprout in Negros

The “pink warriors” of presidential candidate Leni Robredo in Negros Occidental have been donating funds for her tarpaulins in the province.

The tarpaulins for Robredo with the message “LENI. Masaligan, Masandigan” have been sprouting in Bacolod City and in some parts of the province.

Under the “Buy one, give one” campaign, supporters pay P84 for the purchase of two 2 feet x 3 feet tarpaulins, lawyer Gina Mirano-Jesena said.

One tarpaulin is used by the supporter, and the other is given to those who cannot afford them, she said.

“We are throwing our support for VPLeni as she is the most credible among the candidates. She is the best choice,” Mirano said.

Mirano said Robredo is “someone who would protect our hard-earned freedom and preserve our democracy. Someone who will bring back decency in government and put an end to the culture of impunity.”

The tarpaulins are available at the Mirano Law Office at Aguinaldo-13th Street, she added.*

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