Lacson, Ferrer: Local coalition solid even with different presidential bets

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Governor Eugenio Jose Lacson and Vice Governor Jeffrey Ferrer, who are supporting different presidential candidates, said their local coalition in Negros Occidental remains solid.

The two, who held a press conference at the Capitol in Bacolod City on Friday, March 4, said they respect each others’ choices.

Lacson of Love Negros is supporting the presidential bid of Vice President Leni Robredo and Ferrer of the United Negros Alliance is for former senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

“With this situation it is easy to sow intrigues, so we are making it very clear that as far as the local coalition in the province is concerned we remain solid,” Lacson said.

They will not allow the national elections to break their local coalition, they will respect each other’s choices for president, he stressed.

The campaign period will just pass but after the elections we will remain together, Lacson said.

“We encourage everybody to just enjoy (the campaign period),” he said.

Lacson said he will continue to support Ferrer for vice governor and they will work with whoever wins the presidency.

He thanked the mayors of Negros Occidental for supporting him and the vice governor in their reelection bids.

Ferrer said he and the 28 mayors of Negros Occidental supporting Marcos respect the decision of Lacson to support Robredo, just as he respects theirs.

The vice governor called on the supporters of Marcos to continue to support the governor in the May polls.

The governor is a very down to earth and good person, “as far as performance I give him 99 percent,” Ferrer said.

Ferrer said he will support Lacson’s platform of government, programs and projects in the next three years.

The vice governor also assured that he will not run against Lacson for governor when he goes for a third term.


Lacson, reacting to reported attacks hurled against him by gubernatorial bet John Orola, said waging a negative campaign is so old style.

Obviously Orola is underestimating especially the very young voters, by thinking that waging a negative campaign will help his cause, Lacson said.

“Our strongest weapon is our performance in the last almost three years,” Lacson said, adding that he will just continue going around the province delivering public service to Negrenses.

Lacson said his team will not engage in a negative campaign, they will keep it at a high level.


Ferrer and Lacson also said are continuing to support former congressman Albee Benitez for mayor of Bacolod City.

“Without a doubt, we manifested that even before, nothing has changed,” Lacson said.

Ferrer also said he has supported Benitez from the start and will continue to do so.*

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