Korean E-Vehicle maker eyes manufacturing plant in Bacolod

City PIO photo

A potential partnership between Bacolod and one of Korea’s leading E-vehicle manufacturers is likely as top executives of Tai San Hitech Co. looks to build its next factory in the city.

Mayor Evelio Leonardia welcomed Tai San Hitech Co. president Kwon Sung Jin, vice president Tae-Soo Jeong and Manila-based partner Min Soo Kim during their visit at the Bacolod City Government Center Tuesday, February 22, a press release from the Bacolod Public Information Office said.

“This is my first time in Bacolod and I immediately felt that this city is very active. We can see what it has done so far, Bacolod is growing and developing into the future,” Jin said.

The Korean investor said an acquaintance “strongly recommended” Bacolod as a prime candidate in their search for partners to house their manufacturing plant.

“I’m expecting that our electric tricycles will be successful here,” he added.

Leonardia, meanwhile, assured the group that Bacolod will always be open to new opportunities that will help bolster the city’s credential as the Most Business Friendly LGU outside of Metro Manila.

The meeting, he added, was also timely as the City Development Council continues to strengthen its Investment Promotion Program, a pillar aspect of the Bacolod Economic Recovery Plan that is aimed to rejuvenate commerce after it was momentarily hindered by restrictions and lockdowns caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“It is so encouraging because this is coming at the right time when we are transitioning from a very tight COVID society. This will be a big thing for us and this is going to bridge the city to a post-COVID situation,” Leonardia said, as he once again reminded Bacolodnons not to be complacent despite the sharp decline of COVID-19 cases in the past weeks.
“The virus is still here, but we need to learn how to live with it,” the mayor said.

Jin and his group also met with Central Negros Electric Cooperative (CENECO) Board of Directors president Jojit Yap and Bacolod Real Estate Development Corporation (BREDCO), represented by Director Rolando Corona, Jr. and port manager Josephine Solis.
“Thank you for choosing Bacolod. You could have been somewhere else, but you chose us. If your company grows here, Bacolod will also grow,” Leonardia said.

Bacolod based partners Jennifer Therese Valderrama, Stephanie Kim and Veronica Jeung, who served as communications officer and translators for the Korean visitors, were also present.*

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