International Cat Day virtual art exhibit

International Cat day is an annual celebration that takes place on every 8th of August. Founded on 2002 by the International Fund for Animal Welfare, it is a day to raise awareness for cats and learn about ways to help and protect them.

In line with this event, members and friends of the Christian Artists National Various Arts Society (CANVAS) and children participated in the festivities of International Cat Day through a virtual art exhibition of paintings that portray experiences with their cats and how they view them as their loved pets.

Titled, “I Love My Fabulous Cat”, the virtual art exhibit features the works of Pastor Arthur and wife, Miriam Bayles, their sons Daniel and Elijah and daughters-in-law, Jasper Parcon- Bayles and Karen Soberano- Bayles.

Done in different medium and style, the other visual artists are Chrysee Samillano, Konica Tracy Faustino and Nimshi Badrina with the special participation of talented children namely, Eden Love Bascos, Michael Frijas, Azel Faith Guevarra, Aliah Angela Himaya, and Princess Timtiman.

“Cats make great pets. They are less expensive to keep and require less maintenance than dogs. Cats are wonderful pets and will provide a lifetime of love and affection,” quoted Pastor Bayles during the opening ceremony of the 3D virtual which may be viewed until August 31.

Those interested may visit for the link of the 3D exhibition, organizers said.*

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