Hogtied bodies of two men dumped beside Bago road

One of the bodies found in Dulao, Bago.*

The bodies of two unidentified men believed to have been strangulated with hoses were found in Barangay Dulao, Bago City, Friday morning, September 22.

There were hoses wrapped tightly around their necks, and their mouths and noses were covered with thick packing tape that could have caused suffocation, PSSgt. Armando Arao, Bago police investigator, said.

Only their eyes were visible, he said.

They were also hogtied with their hands and feet bound together with packing tape, he added.

No stab or gunshot wounds were found on their bodies that bore bruises, Arao said.

The victims were believed to have been dumped in the area not long after they were killed as when investigators arrived their bodies were not stiff yet, Arao said.

One victim was believed to have been in his 20s and the other in his 30s, he added.

One of the victims was wearing checkered black and grey shorts and a black shirt. The victim who is 5 feet 4 inches tall has a letter R tattoo on his left shoulder, the police said.

The other victim was wearing black and red shorts and a black shirt with a joker clown printed on it. The victim is 5 feet and 3 inches tall with a tattoo of a compass on his back and the name Edward in red on his left arm.

The victims were brought to Zeia Funeral Homes in Dulao. Those who may know or are related to the victims can visit the Bago Police Station or call 09298215539, the police said.

Meanwhile, the remains of a newly born baby girl was found near the barangay hall in Barangay Napoles, Bago, on Friday, the Bago police said.*

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