Former Isabela treasurer replies to show cause order

The former acting treasurer of Isabela town in Negros Occidental has submitted her reply to a show cause order issued against her for the loss of municipal government funds under her watch, Provincial Legal Officer Alberto Nellas Jr. said Tuesday, February 14.

Provincial Administrator Rayfrando Diaz had issued Cashier 1 Nenette Escarda a show cause order and directed her to explain within five days why no criminal, civil and administrative cases should be filed against her.

Escarda, who submitted her reply Monday, met the five-day deadline, Nellas said.

“After this we will conduct a preliminary investigation whether or not she warrants to be formally charged,” he said.

The rules state that it should be resolved within 20 days, but they will try to do it earlier considering Escarda submitted a general statement without any additional evidence, he said.

She submitted a letter explanation, Nellas said.

“During the show cause proceedings we encourage her to get the services of a lawyer so she can properly frame her answers,” Nellas said.

Escarda is now assigned to the Provincial Treasurer’s Office and they have yet to determine if there is a need to preventively suspend her, Nellas said

The show cause order noted that Escarda, while acting municipal treasurer of Isabela, without authority from the mayor or national government, removed P2,600,000 in cash and P3,800,000 in checks from the Municipal Treasurer’s Office of Isabela and brought them to her home in Bacolod City where they were allegedly lost.

Based on an examination conducted by the Commission on Audit dated January 31, Escarda’s cash and accounts as acting municipal treasurer also showed irregularities, Diaz said.

Collections amounting to P6,629,146.18 were undeposited as of January 20, and P972,000 in cash advances remained unliquidated as of cut-off date, the COA noted.*

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