Don’t allow illegal drugs to destroy country: Duterte

Former President Rodrigo Duterte (right) and Bacolod Mayor Alfredo Abelardo Benitez at the birthday of Olivia Yanson*

Former President Rodrigo Duterte called on the Filipino people not to allow illegal drugs to destroy the country.

Duterte issued the call in his speech at the 89th birthday of Olivia V. Yanson, matriarch of the Yanson group of bus companies, at the SMX Convention Center in Bacolod City Monday night, January 23.

He reiterated his call for the Filipino people to stay away from illegal drugs that continue to destroy families.

“We must continue the watch against drugs because we have to take care of the next generation,”he said.

“Drug addiction is destroying the world…it is eroding the societal structure,” he said.

Duterte had waged what has been dubbed as a “deadly war on drugs” during his presidency.*

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