Consumer groups oppose proposed Ceneco JVA

Consumer groups headed by Konsyumer Negros and Sanlakas are opposing the proposed Joint Venture Agreement (JVA) between Central Negros Electric Cooperative (CENECO) and private energy companies.

The unsolicited proposed joint venture agreement with CENECO was made by MERALCO and MORE Power.

“The JVA will result in higher electricity rates for consumers, as the agreement would allow the private electric distribution company to impose additional charges. The JVA will also limit consumer representation in the decision-making processes, as the private company would have a significant role in the management of CENECO”, the consumers’ groups said.

“ We are urging CENECO to engage in more meaningful and open dialog with consumers to ensure that their voices are heard and their rights protected”, Konsyumer Negros’ Secretary General Vincent Flores said.

Sanlakas Negros Coordinator Jun Ano said that electricity consumers should reflect on the joint venture agreement of BACIWA with Prime Water that not only led to increased billing for consumers but has not led to improvement in service.

CENECO should make public the contents of the unsolicited proposal for public review, he said.

“Joint venture agreement is a deceptive term that tantamount to privatization and electricity consumers should be vigilant. We shall monitor the CENECO management and CENECO board on their position on this matter and if ever put them to account”, he added.

The opposition was made during a March 4 consumers’ assembly.*

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