Clique is a group show that involved 38 local artists who came together regardless of differences in groups and art practice because art made them click.

Participating artists include A73, Billy Boy Abonado, Julius Añasca, Ayla August, Katz Baynosa, Cindy Ballesteros, Sherwyn P. Cadianza, HR Campos III, Bry Cervantes, Cresline Corsiga, John Crimson, Jay-R Delleva, Joy Anne Delleva, Leucia Delleva, Bea Dolloso, Sai Gabuat, Zechariah Guanzon, Jr., Jovito Hecita, Darel Javier, Ron Javier, Gibson Jimenea, Armilina Jolie, Jaden Kilayko, Jan Llegue, Nicole Liza, Jayvee Necesario, Kim Manday, Topax Palencia, Wen Quilisadio, Red Santillan, Ramon de los Santos, Chester Somes, John Vincent T., Nikki Teodosio, Tiborshow, Mache de la Torre, Ked Vedev and Forth Yuma.

This creative initiate was from GreyRoom Art Café together with Orange Gallery, both supportive of local art and open to anyone regardless of affiliation.

There are interesting side stories like the fact that organizer RA Tijing invited artists from Storm Tattoo Studio having seen the development of their art other than that of tattoo craft. This enterprise which also felt the impact of the pandemic joined Artheals and continued to work with other artists they clicked within the span of the lockdown last year.

They were able to get help and given the right attitude, they were able to inspire others to join Artheals, like that of the Association of Negros Artists (ANA). Other artists as well as the Art District crowd with talents found a platform to discover and show their talents. Everything just clicked.

Clique opened on August 7 and is currently available for viewing at GreyRoom Art Café in Art District. Health protocols are observed at all times.*

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