Cat person or dog person?

Are you a fur parent? Of a cat or a dog?

Did you know that there is a popular belief that your choice of pet can reveal parts of your personality you may not know existed?

Although a lot of people tend to say that they prefer either cat or dog (or both) as pet/s, if given a choice of only one, most of us tend to choose what is closest to our personality and lifestyle.

Find out whether these are true to you:


  1. Dog people are more extroverted, agreeable, and conscientious.

Most dogs are extroverts. Their feelings are usually obvious as they express themselves visibly through their tails or their overall body language. When they are happy, you see a lot of tail-wagging and jumping.

When they are lonely or sad, they will let you know by whining or howling loudly. Most dog owners relay that they love how expressive their pets can be. They are also easily trainable which makes their owners relate more to their behaviors and thoughts.

  1. Dog people are more into finance, yoga, running, dancing, and travel, as well as bigger fans of horror and action films.

We do not know much about the relationship between being a dog person and that of being a horror or action films fanatic, but it may have something to do with the other activities also mentioned. Horror and action films are fast-paced and mostly physical.

Dogs are known to be into lots of movements as well. They have high energy and can be a fun influence, pulling you back up when you are feeling down.

As to finance, would it be because dogs cost more in terms of maintenance and grooming? After all, it is a daily bath for them compared to cats. And they seem to be more into fashion dressing. They are definitely the calmer species when putting on costumes. Try putting on a fancy one on a cat, it’s a bloody feat. There are dog shows but one rarely sees a cat show.

  1. Dog people may prefer the active lifestyle and the push of exercising with their energetic fur babies.

Dogs need the walk every day. Some even need the run at full speed. Without this, they become aggressive and unruly. Even with a couch-potato as an owner, getting a dog and committing to keeping it healthy and happy, one is bound to be pushed into exercise.

Dogs will not hesitate to be as loud and as complaining as possible if they do not get their owner’s butt off the sofa. This quality also makes them perfect for guarding duties and as protective details. Many have preferred dogs as they get a friend and a bodyguard at the same time.


  1. Cat people are more introverted, intellectual, and creative.

Cats are the stars of social media. Why? Precisely because they are so unpredictable, and they live by their own rules that getting them to be so cute and cuddly on the camera is a gift from the above. They have so many unexpected moments, expressions, and behaviors that most owners wonder whether they have the dumbest feline or the most cunning.

Cats are usually silent. They are from a family of predators. They can be so silent to the point of being creepy. And then they pounce on you with their claws. You wake up in the middle of the night with their eyes staring into your soul. Or they turn and show you their belly in complete trust.

  1. Cat people are more into reading, writing, gardening, documentaries, and mystery films as well as into deep or thought-provoking conversations.

It may be because of all the historical attributes given to cats, from being worshiped to being regarded as magical elements, that rendered them their enigmatic image. With how they can always land on their feet, to having the popular nine lives, cats are indeed attached to mystery and suspense.

Cats are often preferred companions by readers and writers because they are usually calm and low-key. These qualities protect their owners’ work, brainstorming, or reflection time. They cuddle up and give affection but not in a loud way. They do not take up so much space, so they are preferred by those living in smaller spaces or apartments. They can live well with plants around as they do not really dig up stuff unless you miss out on their litter box.

  1. Cat people may prefer the feeling of being able to divulge their innermost secrets to their pets and the stress-reducing effects of their feline companion.

There seems to be some comfort in pouring one’s heart out while rubbing a purring cat’s fur. The cats’ mostly calm demeanor and adorable eyes are said to be helpful for those experiencing extreme pressure or stress. This does not mean though that dogs cannot be as stress-relieving. The levels of stress experienced or reduced would matter much on the needs and demands of the pet concerned. Just as they give their support, they also need ours.

Whether you are a cat or a dog person, what matters most is your relationship with these wonderful beings. Sometimes we get a perfect match to our personalities. Often, we embrace how they disrupt our lives in the most amazing ways.

Gosling, Samuel D., Carson J. Sandy, and Jeff Potter, “Personalities of Self-Identified Dog People and Cat People,” Anthrozoo (2010), vol. 23, issue 2, 213-222.

Whether you’re a ‘cat person’ or ‘dog person’ says a lot about your personality

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