Bizman: No mistaken identity, killing of my son deliberate

John Sy Keng Seng in an interview Thursday shows pictures of the motorcycle-riding gunman extracted from CCTV footage.*

It was not a mistaken identity case, the person who ordered the killing of his son did it deliberately to send him a message, businessman John Sy Keng Seng said on Thursday, June 16.

The businessman, in an exclusive interview with Romeo Subaldo of DIGICAST NEGROS, said he knows who was behind the killing of his son, Jeffrey Espeleta Keng Seng, 40, at the intersection of BS Aquino Drive and Lacson Street in Bacolod City on Tuesday.

The killing of his son stems from a multi-billion peso family feud, he said.

His son was killed to hurt him and to send a message with a case involving property still pending in court, the businessman said.

They did it to hurt him because his son was his right-hand man, the businessman added.

He has known of a plan to kill him and his son since 2010, the businessman said.

The businessman said he had sent his son to deliver documents to the Silay court and asked him to buy food for lunch on his way home.

His son was driving their Nissan Patrol SUV when an assassin on a motorcycle killed him, he said.

His daughter had passed by the area where his son was killed and recognized his vehicle. She then called to inform him, he added.

The businessman said that the allegation that he is involved in land grabbing is fabricated.

He also denied any links of his son to the drug trade.*

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