Benitez to help private sector secure COVID-19 vaccines

Alfredo Benitez, former Negros Occidental 3rd District representative and now Capitol consultant, assured the private sector that he will help them secure coronavirus vaccines.

He gave the assurance during an economic consultation Saturday, April 10, at Nature’s Village Resort in Talisay City.

During the gathering, Benitez told the stakeholders that if there is anybody from the private sector who is interested to get the COVID-19 vaccines, “we have a point person for distributor. They are willing to sign a multi-party agreement – the company, the buyer, and the government.”

“I have a template of this multi-party agreement that can be executed,” Benitez said.

He added the vaccines will be available in the third or fourth quarter of the year.

Benitez said he talked with the business community to address how to access the vaccine supply because “all are dependent on the government.”

He said that 18,000 COVID-19 vaccines have been allotted to Negros Occidental, including Bacolod City.

The province will be receiving another set of vaccines this week, and “I’m lobbying for more and we’re getting a favorable response” to “see more vaccinated individuals,” Benitez added.


On the call to run for mayor of Bacolod City, Benitez said that he is “keeping his options open.”

“As of today, I’m keeping my options open. It is not because of the glamor of the position, not the prestige or authority that comes within. It’s probably because of what people see and mentioned that maybe it’s about time for something different. I will keep my options open,” he said.

Benitez said that he has always advocated “less politics, and more governance” because “governance with political convenience is doomed to fail. That should never mix. Governance should always stand out and not be guided by a political motive.”

Meanwhile, former governor and newly-appointed Capitol consultant Rafael Coscolluela, who was also present during the consultation, said that the biggest concern right now is the breakdown of the country’s healthcare system because there has been no timeout to other diseases when the pandemic happened.

He also said that the problem of hunger and malnutrition has risen to an all-time level.

These crises need to be addressed seriously by all local government units, Coscolluela said.*

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