Benitez suspends loaning out of city vehicles after accident 

Bacolod Mayor Alfredo Abelardo Benitez has temporarily suspended the loaning out of city government vehicles to groups traveling to various activities following an accident that left a teacher dead and 37 others injured in Don Salvador Benedicto (DSB) town.

A city government bus carrying Paglaum Village Elementary School teachers fell on its side when its brakes failed at a downhill section of   Purok Talus, Brgy. Igmaya-an in DSB on Friday, June 14. 

He ordered the temporary suspension because “I want to make sure our vehicles are in tip-top shape before they are lent out to outsiders”, Benitez said on Tuesday, June 18.

It is standard operating procedure for vehicles to undergo regular maintenance checks, Benitez  said, adding that he wants to make sure that  is being done. 

Teacher Arlyn Tolosa Verde, 42, died in the accident when she hit a stone as the city government bus fell on its side in DSB. 

The bus had 39 passengers on board, and 37 were injured. The driver was unharmed. 

The city government took care of the hospital expenses of the victims, Benitez said. 

The driver was released from police custody since the reglementary period for his detention had lapsed.  The families have no plans to file charges against the driver since it was purely an accident, the police said.* 

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