Arms cache seized in Kabankalan: Army

Philippine Army soldiers and the police seized firearms and explosive devices in an operation at Sitio Makilo, Brgy. Camansi, Kabankalan City, Negros Occidental, on Monday, February 19.

The joint operation of the 47th and 15th Infantry Battalions of the Philippine Army and the 604th Regional Mobile Force Company of the police was conducted after a tip from a concerned citizen, a 47IB press statement said.

Recovered were a 357 revolver, a homemade 12-gauge shotgun, two unserviceable .38 caliber revolvers, a grenade, a command wire for an improvised explosive device, blasting cap with wire, ammunition, empty bullet shells, a holster, printer, subversive documents, medical handbook, and various medical supplies.

A significant number of buried weapons and explosives were discovered through the search and combing operations of the Army, the press statement said.

Lt.Col. Magno Mapalad, 47IB commander, said that the operation emphasizes how crucial it is for law enforcement to have vigilant citizens supporting them in their fight against insurgency and terrorism.

“Identifying these covert dangers demonstrates our security forces’ steadfast dedication to preserving community safety and security,” he said.

He said that the cooperation between the local community and the security forces is a prime example of shared resolve to maintain peace and order in the area.

“We applaud the resident’s bravery and sense of civic duty for providing vital information that made this operation successful”, he added.

The army also assured of further investigation on the seized arms cache to find connections to terrorist or criminal activity.*

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