Albee slams fake news

Bacolod mayoral aspirant Alfredo Abelardo “Albee” Benitez slammed a fake Facebook post quoting him as saying that he would pay for the electricity and water bills of Bacolod residents in need of help.

The post said under the “Bill Nyu Sagot Ko Program“ of Benitez residents can bring their water and electricity bills covering two months to his headquarters and he will pay for them.

The circulation of fake news against him, which has been traced to his political opponents, is becoming a pattern, Benitez said Thursday, October 14.

This propaganda obviously came from persons or entities with the malicious intent of doing harm to the good image and increasing public support given to him by Bacolodnons, without regard for the harm they are doing to their fellow Bacolodnons by giving them false hope and misdirection, he said.

“Such acts are disgusting and abhorrent and I encourage everyone to ignore them and focus on what is real – the betterment and improvement of Bacolod and the welfare of its citizens,” Benitez said.

He urged the public to follow his official FB page for real and official statements.*

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