Albee issues 1st EO creating good governance committee

Bacolod Mayor Alfredo Abelardo Benitez signed Executive Order No. 001 Series of 2022 on Friday, July 1*

Bacolod Mayor Alfredo Abelardo “Albee” Benitez has released his first executive order creating the Bacolod City Good Governance Committee of 2022, which is tasked to actively investigate reports of graft and corruption.

Benitez in Executive Order No. 001 Series of 2022 signed Friday, July 1, and released Saturday, said the committee will be chaired by City Legal Officer  Romeo Carlos Ting Jr.

The members will be City Administrator Pacifico Maghari III  and City Internal Auditor Jose Ray Agpangan.

Benitez said to restore the public’s trust and confidence in the local government, he has resolved “to pursue measures towards good governance, as well as a clean transparent government that adopts the best practices of government units.”

The committee will “actively investigate reports and ferret   out the truth on  the allegations  of graft and corruption committed  in the city government, particularly  by public officers  and employees, their co-principals, accomplices and accessories  from the private sector if any”, he said.

Benitez said in search for the truth, for which there has been great public clamor, there is a need to review the previous transactions of the city government in order to ensure that:

*Only obligations that complied with applicable laws, rules and regulations will be honored by the current administration;

*Weaknesses in the government processes, especially those involving use of public funds, will be identified and corrected;

*Grand malevolent schemes of government officials will be prevented; and 

*Responsible government officials will be held accountable for the graft and corrupt practices that may have caused great disadvantage and irreparable damage to the city and its residents.

The committee should accomplish its mission on or before June 30, 2023, he said.

The committee is tasked to make recommendations to him on the appropriate actions to ensure that justice is served without fear or favor, Benitez said.

The City Legal Office will serve as the secretariat of the Committee.

The committee can also consult with experts and engage their services on a per transaction basis, Benitez added.

Benitez said he may expand the membership and functions of the committee by way of a supplemental executive order.*

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