Televisions ordered removed from city government offices

The photo posted by Bacolod Mayor Alfredo Abelardo Benitez of the employees watching television during office hours*

Bacolod Mayor Alfredo Abelardo Benitez has called the attention of about five to six employees of the City Treasurer’s Office whom he caught watching an entertainment program on TV during office hours.

He reminded the city employees of their pledge to serve the people honestly and efficiently, which should be their topmost priority while at work, on Wedenesday, March 22.

City Administrator Pacifico Maghari III said a notice to explain has been sent to the employees involved. They are being asked to explain in 48 hours to accord them due process after which the City Legal Office will act on the matter, he said.

A memorandum has also been issued for the removal of television sets from city government offices to prevent the disruption of public service.

Only television sets needed for work related purposes will be allowed to stay, he said.

Maghari said they will also act on employees using cellular phones and computers to play games and other non-work related activities during office hours.*

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