SEC requires entities to submit official email ad, contact number

The Securities and Exchange Commission is requiring entities to submit a valid official e-mail address and contact number.

Under its Memorandum Circular No. 28 series of 2020, every corporation, partnership, association, and person under the jurisdiction and supervision of the commission shall submit a valid official e-mail address and a valid official cellular phone number within 60 days from the effectivity of the rules, a press release from SEC said.

In addition to the valid official email address and official cellphone number, covered entities shall also submit a valid alternate e-mail address and valid alternate cellular phone number.

The online submission of forms and notices shall be sent at, while hard copies shall be filed through the Commission’s Electronic Records Management Division (ERMD) at the SEC main office in Pasay City.

Meanwhile, for future application and those applications which are still pending primary registration with the Company Registration and Monitoring Department (CRMD), such information should either be indicated during the filling up of the registration forms or submitted within 30 days from the issuance of the certificate of registration, license or authority.

The email addresses and cellular phone numbers shall be under the control of the corporate secretary, the person charged with the administration and management of the corporation sole, the resident agent of the foreign corporation, the managing partner, the individual, or the duly authorized representative.

These covered entities shall also submit proof of the authorized representative’s authority such as special power of attorney or secretary’s certificate to control the e-mail addresses and cellular phone numbers, and to sign and file the submission, authorization, and/or certification described in the memorandum.

Both the official and alternate e-mail addresses shall be where transactions, applications, letters, requests, papers, and pleadings under the jurisdiction of, or for consideration by, the Commission may be processed, submitted and/or filed online.

The Commission may likewise send notices, letter-replies, orders, decisions and/or other documents through said email addresses, and these covered entities are deemed to have received the same on the date so sent by the Commission.

Service of notice through this process shall be considered compliance with the notice requirement on administrative due process.

On the other hand, should the covered entities decide to replace the official email address, alternate email address, official phone number, and/or alternate phone number, a Notice to Change Email Address and/or Cellular Phone Number shall be filed with the Commission, within five days from the covered entity decided to change the email address and/or the phone number.

The notice shall also be accompanied by an Authorization as described in the rules, allowing the commission to send notices, letter-replies, orders, decisions, and/or other documents through the new email address and/or phone number, for the purpose of complying with the notice on administrative due process.

Beginning February 23, 2021, the e-mail addresses and phone numbers shall be included in the General Information Sheet or Notification Update Form (NUF) regularly with the commission.

If a corporation fails to include the same in the GIS or NUF regularly with the Commission, such GIS or NUF shall be considered incomplete.

Also, all covered entities who fail to submit the email addresses and phone numbers within the period provided under these rules shall be administratively penalized with P10,000.*

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