Sacked Isabela treasurer files appeal before CSC

The acting treasurer of Isabela, Negros Occidental, who was dismissed from government service for grave misconduct, serious dishonesty and malversation of public funds, filed an appeal before the Civil Service Commission (CSC) in Quezon City on Wednesday, May 24, her lawyer said.

Negros Occidental Gov. Eugenio Jose Lacson had dismissed Nenette M. Escarda from the service for the unauthorized removal of P2,600,000 in cash and P3,800,000 in checks totaling P6.4 million from the Municipal Treasurer’s Office of Isabela in January, which she claimed were then stolen from her house.

Escarda’s lawyer Cesar Beloria Jr. said they opted not to file a motion for reconsideration before the Office of the Governor anyway ultimately the case will be elevated to the CSC.

Beloria said his client does not believe the penalty meted by the governor is commensurate to what happened although there was an admission that some money had been lost.

They filed the appeal before the 15 days lapsed for the dismissal order to become final, he said.

On the planned filling of criminal charges against his client by the municipal government of Isabela for the loss of its funds, Beloria said that is their prerogative and his client is expecting that.

Escarda’s family is raising possible funds to compensate for the loss that occurred in January, Beloria said.

Family members are selling properties to raise the funds, he said.

What was lost was the P2.6 million in cash but the funds covered by the checks are being recovered, Beloria said.

His client issued an affidavit of loss and the banks were asked to withhold the encashment of the stolen checks, he added.

The taxpayers were then asked to issue new checks, he said.

Isabela Mayor Irene Montilla said earlier that they have not recovered any of the P2.6 million in cash, but have retrieved the majority of the funds covered by checks.

Beloria said his client has also already liquidated P972,000 in cash advances, which did not go to her personally. The amount was used by the municipality as financial assistance for the victims of Typhoon Odette, he said.*

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