Runaway tire kills elderly man

A tire that got lose from a 6×6 truck killed an elderly man who was walking on the side of the road at Barangay Cabahug, Cadiz City, on Tuesday, August 3.*Cadiz PNP photo

A septuagenarian died after he was hit by a tire that flew off a truck at Langka Stop Alegria, Barangay Cabahug, Cadiz City in Negros Occidental on Tuesday, August 3.

Killed was 71-year-old Bernardino Abad, a resident of Barangay Cabahug.

The victim was walking on the side of the road from his house when the tire from the 6×6 truck got loose and hit him, the police report showed.

The truck was driven by Reynaldo Derder, 37, who was on his way to Barangay Jerusalem after buying construction materials.

The elderly victim succumbed to serious injuries to his spine and body. He expired at the hospital.

Cpl Peter John Dela Cruz, Cadiz police traffic investigator, said the truck driver was already released from police custody after the 18-hour reglementary period lapse.

Burial assistance from the truck owner was extended to the victim’s family.*

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