Militants place Duterte effigy behind bars

Bayan Negros photo

As the president addresses the nation, they said they will combat all the “lies” that come out of his mouth by forwarding the true state of the nation through the lens of the broad masses.

“Under Duterte’s watch, Negros Island has become a killing field and a lab rat for this administration’s whole-of-nation approach to counterinsurgency,” they said.

The intense militarization brought about by Memorandum Order 32 has increased the cases of harassment and killings, especially among the peasantry, they said.

“In Negros, red-tagging is not merely a veiled threat but a death sentence,” they added.

Among those activists killed under this regime are Zara Alvarez, Alexander Ceballos, Toto Patigas, and lawyer Ben Ramos. Numerous others have also been illegally detained and filed with trumped-up charges, most notably during the coordinated raids during the 2019 Negros crackdown, they said.

Duterte also betrayed the working class for not pushing through with his promise to end contractualization and to increase the minimum wage, they added.

Through the railroading of the Rice Liberalization Law, Duterte has also plunged our farmers into deeper poverty, they said.

“While in Negros, sugarcane workers continue to suffer from low wages and no benefits. For this administration, it has always been profits over people,” they stressed.*

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