Glitch in list halts Capitol AZ vaccination but Sinovac jabs for A4 starts, Diaz says

The Negros Occidental Provincial Health Office temporarily halted the AstraZeneca (AZ) vaccination for A4 frontline personnel in essential sectors at the Negros Residences in Bacolod City following a glitch in its master list on Monday, August 2, Provincial Administrator Rayfrando Diaz said.

The vaccination of the A4 frontline personnel with AZ vaccines purchased by the provincial government will resume Thursday, Diaz said.

About 80 persons belonging to the A4 category were vaccinated at the Negros Residences Monday morning when the mass vaccination was halted with many still waiting outside, Dr. Ernell Tumimbang, provincial health officer, said.

He apologized for having to halt the vaccination drive Monday morning but said they had to reconcile the number of persons on their list with the available vaccines.

The provincial government has 750 AZ doses for the A4 vaccination drive at the Negros Residences, Diaz said.

Meanwhile, the provincial government has administered 69,596 Johnson & Johnson (J&J) doses provincewide as of Monday, Diaz said.

The provincial government was provided with 70,000 doses of J&J vaccines by the national government.

Tumimbang said the total could be more than 70,000 vaccinees because some J&J vials contained six doses, and not just five.

Diaz said the rollout of the 50,000 doses of Sinovac vaccines provided by the national government began Monday and will continue provincewide throughout the week.

The A4 category will be prioritized as the Sinovac vaccines are not COVAX donated, they were purchased by the national government, he added.*

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