Contemplate the ‘Unknown’ with Jadon

Anxiety and hope fuse when confronted with the unknown. Such is human nature.

Instead of succumbing to the loneliness of the enforced lockdowns, the uncertainty of the Covid pandemic brought forth the creativity of 18-year-old Bacolod-based artist Jadon Kilayko.

“I’ve been painting for two years. I started during the pandemic, but I have always loved art and designing. In the past two years, I have joined around 10 group shows/art related events, one of which was in Manila and the rest here in Bacolod”, he said.

With the support and help of Art District and local artists Charlie Co, RA Tijing and the Team at Orange Project, Jadon launched his first solo show on January 9. He continues to participate in art shows, while receiving guidance from various artists.

Now the young artist is ready to present his second solo show titled “Unknown” at the Art District in Mandalagan, Bacolod City.

Jadon credits the support of Frelan “Pakz” Gonzaga and Karina Broce Gonzaga and the Block 17 Art space team for the launch of his second solo show. The artist’s reception will be from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Friday, August 12.

The show features a series of acrylics on canvas, where the artist explores undetermined variables cultivated by self-reflection and introspection – all to understand man’s place in the world.

Inspired and influenced by the works of Francis Bacon, George Condo and Negrense artist RA Tijing, Jadon displays an amalgamation of comic and cartoon-like figures, while focusing on their natural imperfections, allowing their perfectly natural structures to flow freely.

Jadon displays houses within the characters or in their close vicinity to signify destruction and rebirth. Their desire for truth, personal dialogue and critical thinking hide inside colorful masks, protected and safe.

“These burning homes are the weight of emotions that come with internal reflection. When they burn, they represent two things – the end and the beginning of something new,” Jadon. said.*

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