Ceneco union votes 291-10 to stage strike

The Central Negros Electric Cooperative employee’s union voted to strike on Saturday, January 29, citing management’s failure to implement their Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

The CENECO Union of Rational Employees (CURE) members voted 291-10 to strike, its president Stephanie Montaner said, Sunday, January 30.

She said there will be a seven-day cooling off period before and actual strike takes place.

The CBA includes the 5 percent increase in employee’s salaries every two years and their signing bonus, among others, she said.

Ceneco officer-in-charge Jose Taniongon said management will request the intervention of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) considering that the cooperative is a public service utility providing vital services to consumers.

They will file for a notice of injunction so the DOLE will assume jurisdiction of the case, he said.

The CBA was approved at the Ceneco General Assembly on Sept. 26, 2021.

However the National Electrification Administration in a memo on January 20 advised the coop to first attain 95 percent collection efficiency before implementing the CBA.

Ceneco’s collection efficiency is currently at 92 percent and one of the factors for this is the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, management said in a statement.

The Ceneco board and management will definitely implement the CBA of CURE and also of the Responsible Supervisory and Confidential Union of Employees once confirmed by NEA, it said.

However, we shall comply with NEA’s advice on the attainment of the 95 percent collection efficiency to ensure the financial sustainability of Ceneco prior to its implementation, it added.*

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