A sports buff survives near-death Covid attack

A 69-year-old Bacolod sports buff was hit with severe COVID-19 and for three days could not see the sun although his hospital bed was next to a window.

Art Puentevella, former Bacolod City government sports director and a diabetic, who recently spoke about his near death experience in March, said he was very weak.

“I was unaware of what was happening to me in my first three days in the hospital, everything was dark. I am lucky I even made it to the hospital”, Art said.

His wife, Elizabeth, said Art had lost his appetite and had not been eating for two days so when he was rushed to the hospital he was very weak.

Art’s oxygen saturation level was 58 when he was first admitted and his doctor said he would have to be intubated.

Elizabeth said a classmate of Art sent her Ivermectin to give to him but since it was not government approved she secretly put its powder in his NGT without telling his doctor.

The doctor said if Art’s oxygen saturation level would not go up he would be intubated. The doctor was surprised that when she visited Art again his oxygen level had risen to 90 and nolonger needed to be intubated, Elizabeth said.

Art said God gave him a second life, after three days he could see the sun and on the 14th day he was discharged.

He was also given Remdisivir, blood plasma and other medicines for severe COVID-19 patients but his doctors were surprised at his swift recovery.

Elizabeth said she had mild COVID-19 and was confined in the same room with Art. She immediately took Ivermectin and recovered swiftly, which enabled her to take care of Art.

A Negrense, whose group has been helping spread the news about Ivermectin as a deterrent against Covid and as a cure for those hit by it, said they have reached more than 9,000 people in Negros since October.

They estimate that as of last month they provided more than 3,500 COVID-hit persons, 12 of whom were in the hospital, with Ivermectin and they recovered, he said.

Although it had been difficult to provide Ivermectin to those admitted in hospitals because it had not been approved by the government, he said.

Ivermectin is clandestinely provided to patients in hospitals by their relatives, he said.

If it is just COVID that is being treated within 48 hours one gets relief already, and can recover in three to five days, he said.

However, if one gets pneumonia the treatment for that is different but Ivermectin is also critical in that stage, he said.

He said their chat group that have been advocating the use of Ivermectin is composed of nine doctors, two of whom are from Bacolod, and three civilians.

Their target is to assist depressed areas and relocation sites, he said.

He said some private citizens and businessmen have been donating Ivermectin to the poor.

He said Ivermectin is also being used in Iloilo, Davao and Cagayan de Oro.

The Bacolod City Sangguniang Panlungsod approved a resolution in April calling on the national government to conduct an unbiased and scientific study on the use of Ivermectin.

Councilor Renecito Novero who authored the resolution said he wanted to create awareness because Ivermectin could be a cheap cure in helping COVID patients recover.

He said medicines for COVID patients are so expensive, especially for the poor, while Ivermectin sells for as low as P30 a tablet.

Novero said he knows of two Bacolod doctors who advocate the use of Ivermectin.*

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