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Wearing of face shields now mandatory in Bacolod

Aside from face masks, the wearing of face shields in public places is now mandatory in Bacolod City.

Vice Mayor El Cid Familiaran said today that the Sangguniang Panlungsod of Bacolod passed City Ordinance No. 944 requiring the mandatory use of face shields in certain places in this City.

It was passed by the SP on October 28, and approved by Mayor Evelio Leonardia on November 3.

CO 944, or the “Face Mask, Face Shield, and Social Distancing Ordinance of Bacolod City” amended Sections 1, 2, 3, and 6 of City Ordinance No. 926 series of 2020, or an Ordinance requiring mandatory use of face masks and observance of social distancing in all public places in the City.

Section 3 of CO 944 states that all persons in public places will be required to wear face masks properly. The same will be required even of occupants inside public or private vehicles as well as persons inside private offices/ places where the general public may be allowed.

In addition to mandatory use of face mask, face shield shall be used while inside supermarkets, public markets, malls, venues for meetings (private or government service initiated); venues where private or government services are provided; all enclosed offices or establishments doing business; public transportation or public utility vehicles and enclosed work places.

All persons shall observe social distancing in all public places, public or private vehicles, and private places where the public may be allowed.

On the other hand, Section 4 states that any person who fails to wear properly the required face mask and face shield, or observe the mandated social distancing, as defined under this ordinance, shall be penalized with a fine of P200 or eight hours of community service for every violation.

Community services will be supervised by the City Health Office (CHO) in coordination with the barangay where the violators reside. If he is not a resident of Bacolod City, he will be penalized with a fine of P300.

A citation ticket will be issued to all who will not observe this ordinance, who then will be informed of their violation and its penalty. When a citation ticket is issued to a violator, the violator will be made to report by the apprehending authority to the City Treasurer’s Office or its duly authorized collection agent, within 24 hours from issuance.

The violator may either pay the fine or manifest to render community service.*

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