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‘Only 22% of 2022 Bacolod  mayor’s office budget left’

Lawyer Lyzander Dilag, spokesman of Bacolod Mayor Alfredo Benitez, at a press conference Tuesday, July 5.*

The  remaining 2022 Bacolod City government  general services  budget  is  P153,315, 623, which leaves the  City Mayor’s Office  (CMO) with only  P78,445,475 left to spend for the rest of year,  lawyer Lyzander Dilag, spokesman of Bacolod Mayor Alfredo Benitez, said Tuesday, July 5.

The near depleted budget leaves the CMO with limited funds, but it will not hinder Benitez from breaking new ground in the service of the people of Bacolod, Dilag said at a press conference.

The CMO under the previous administration spent P82 million in a month from May to June that would translate to about P2.9 million a day, Dilag said.

He said the depleted budget could mean the hiring of Job Order workers at a very incremental pace until the end of the year.

The Bacolod City Good Governance Committee could look into how the funds were spent, Dilag said.

Appropriated for the city’s general services for 2022 was P604,6292,000 of which P451,376,376. 63 had been spent as of June leaving a balance of P153, 315,623 or 25.35 percent , a report furnished DIGICAST NEGROS by Bacolod Rep. Greg Gasataya showed.

Appropriated for the Mayor’s Office was P356,000,000 of which P277,954,524 was spent as of June 2022 leaving a balance of P78,445,475 or 22 percent for the rest of the year, the report said.

The following is the budget report:

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