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Neg. Occ. focus crimes drop by 9.83% in 2023

The Negros Occidental Provincial Police Office reported a 9.83 percent decrease in the number of incidents related to the eight focus crimes in the province in 2023 compared to 2022.

NOCPPO records showed that from 1,027 cases in 2022, the focus crimes dropped by 101 in 2023 to 926.

The eight focus crimes are murder, homicide, physical injury, robbery, rape, theft, and carjacking.

NOCPPO also reported that the total recorded crime incidents in Negros Occidental decreased by 2.88 percent, from 4,352 in 2023 compared to 4,481 in 2022.

Of the total crime incidents, index crimes decreased by 95 from 1,028 in 2022 to 933 in 2023, while non-index crimes rose by 77, from 2,122 to 2,199.

Index crimes are comprised of the eight focus crimes and other complex crimes, while non-index crimes are those violations of local ordinances and laws, and vehicular accidents.

Of the index crimes, homicide cases rose by 39, from 158 to 197 cases last year, while the other focused crimes noted a decrease.

Murder decreased by 1, from 277 in 2022 to 276 last year; physical injury by 17, from 211 to 194; rape by 28 from 74 to 46; robbery by 42, from 96 to 54; theft by 45, from 187 to 142; and carnapping by 7, from 23 to 16.

Of the 77 recorded non-index crimes, 67 were violations of special laws, and 10 were for attempted staging of index crimes, the NOCPPO said.*

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