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Massacre suspect seeks forgiveness

The primary suspect behind the massacre of four family members, including a six-year-old girl, in Barangay Tangub, Bacolod City, asked for forgiveness after he executed his extrajudicial confession on Saturday, April 10.

Jocelyn Espinosa-Nombre, 59, her sister Remedios Jemma Espinosa, 69, their nephew John Michael Espinosa, 35, and his six-year-old daughter who were murdered at their home in Barangay Tangub on April 4 were buried at the Bacolod Memorial Park Saturday.

Christian Don Tulot, 39, who admitted killing the four victims, asked for forgiveness from their families, saying he did not want it to happen.

He also asked for forgiveness for lying in his previous testimonies.

In his extrajudicial confession, Tulot, an adopted son of Nombre’s sister, said that on April 4, he was on his way to Salvador Benedicto when he returned to Barangay Tangub because he forgot his motor pump.

Tulot said he was fixing his motorcycle when he saw Michael drinking at the hut.

The suspect said he asked the victim to pay the P35,000 he owed him.

He was told by Michael to wait because he would get his ATM card, Tulot said.

Tulot, who walked behind the victim, claimed in his extrajudicial confession that Michael took a cane cutter and tried to hit him, but he overpowered him.

This prompted the suspect to hit the victim with a hammer several times.

Jocelyn, who came out of the house and saw what happened, tried to yell for help, but she, too, was hit with the hammer. Tulot also hacked her with a cane cutter.

He then heard Remedios crying for help, so he went after her and hacked her to death. He then suffocated the 6-year-old girl by holding a pillow over her face, Tulot said.

He then went to Salvador Benedicto, where he kept the victims’ belongings.

The victims’ bodies that were in a state of decomposition, were discovered three days after they were murdered.

Multiple murder charges are expected to be filed against the suspect on Monday, April 11.*

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