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Ceneco rate down P1.2040/kWh, Noceco’s up P0.8373/kWh in March

Ceneco’s residential rate for March.*

Central Negros Electric Cooperative’s (CENECO) power rate has dropped by P1.2040 per kWh, while Negros Occidental Electric Cooperative’s (NOCECO) is up by P0.8373/kWh in March. CENECO’s average residential rate for March is P13.6716/kWh, a decrease of P1.2040/kWh, from last month’s rate of P14.8756/kwh, its acting general manager Arnel Lapore said on Friday, March 17.

He attributed the P1.2040/kWh drop to a decrease in Palm Concepcion Power Corporation’s 20MW fuel cost from P7.87/kWh to P4.19/kWh or a downward adjustment of P3.68/kwh; decrease in PCPC 35MW fuel cost from P9.9440/kWh to P9.6821/kWh or a downward adjustment of P0.2619/kwh; and PCPC extended fuel discount of P1.05/kWh for the February 2023 billing of its 35MW Power Supply Agreement.

The Energy Regulatory Commission has also extended the temporary suspension in the collection of the Feed-In Tariff Allowance for six months starting March until August, unless lifted earlier by the ERC through a subsequent resolution, Lapore said.

NOCECO, which serves the power needs of southern Negros Occidental, said its power rate for March will be P15.4918/kWh from P14.6545 in February.

The P0.8373/kWh increase in its electricity rates is driven by the total generation charge that increased by P0.8458 per kWh compared to last month. Despite the significant decrease in the price of electricity from PCPC it was offset by the increase in power cost coming from the Wholesale Electricity Spot Market, NOCECO said on its website.

KEPCO-SALCON Power Corporation also increased its rate by P0.0831/kWh from its previous month rate of P9.9862/kWh, which also contributed to the increase in the generation rate, NOCECO added.*

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