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Bayan Negros calls for vigilance despite PUVMP postponement

Progressive group Bayan Negros urged the public on Friday, January 26, to remain vigilant despite the postponement of the Public Utility Vehicle Modernization Program (PUVMP) , which it called anti-poor and pro-big businesses.

Bayan Negros Chairperson Jimmy Loplop said that the push for PUVMP is connected to the privatization of essential services including water, power, communication, and transportation.

The jeepney modernization reinforces the country’s reliance on imported machines and neglects the development of national industries, the statement said.

“Bayan contends that the PUVMP and the consolidation of routes under transport cooperatives disguise a malevolent strategy, providing big corporations with a monopoly over our transportation system”, it said.

The group also said that PUVMP allegedly fostered corruption within the government, particularly in the Department of Transportation, Land Transportation Office, and Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board.

“Allegedly, substantial payoffs from bus importers and major vehicle parts suppliers contribute to organized corruption, diverting attention from supporting local Filipino transport manufacturers”, the statement added.

Loplop commended the militant efforts of the transport groups and widespread commuter support to defer the program while encouraging vigilance on the proposed implementation of the program.

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